GPL Race Engineer

GPL Race Engineer 1.0

GPL Race Engineer (GRE) is a nice and easy to manipulate program
1.0.0 (See all)
Nate Hine, Alison Hine

GPL Race Engineer (GRE) provides considerably enhanced functionality over the setup management mechanism built into GPL and over other currently available GPL setup development tools.

Main features:

- Context-sensitive Help; mouse right-click leads directly to an explanation of each item and suggestions for appropriate values
- Improved File Management including:
- Copy of Gearbox or Chassis settings from one setup to another
- Drop-down box selection of Player, Track, Class, and Chassis
- Automatic association of Player, Track, Class, and Chassis with path
- Import/Export of setups from/to Excel-compatible .csv text files
- Drag and Drop setup files onto GRE to open them
- Power and torque band graph to assist in gearbox ratio selection

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